Membership Information

Membership in the Texas Digital Library (TDL) is available to accredited nonprofit institutions of higher education, accredited public libraries, or other non-profit collecting institutions that desire to support the mission of the Texas Digital Library and participate in its resource-sharing activities. More information about eligibility and application for membership is available in the TDL Bylaws.

TDL offers two categories of membership:



More detail about Membership options and fees is here.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to TDL Scholarly communication services that disseminate your institution’s scholarship widely, giving research more impact.
  • Expert hosting and maintenance of services on TDL-managed systems.
  • Expertise of dedicated TDL software development team and technical support team.
  • Cost advantage of combining resources.
  • Exchange of information through TDL Groups.
  • Access to training and user support.
  • Promotion of digital library projects through TDL communications.
  • Discounts on TCDL conference registration, Open Education Network membership, and more

Contact Us

For more information about the TDL membership and organizational structure, please refer to the TDL Bylaws. To make inquiries about joining the Texas Digital Library, please contact the Texas Digital Library:

Texas Digital Library
101 E. 21st Street, Stop S5471
Austin, TX 78712-1498