Support FAQs

Who may request support?

Anyone in need of assistance with TDL services may request support. Membership in the Texas Digital Library is not required.

When is the helpdesk available?

The Helpdesk is available Monday through Friday, excepting the following holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. Additionally, the TDL support team is unavailable during the Winter Break that falls between the fall and spring semesters. The TDL Holiday schedule is available here.

Requests submitted outside of normal business hours will be handled in the order in which they were received.

What can I expect when I submit a help request?

The TDL support team will be in touch as quickly as possibly with a resolution to the issue. If no immediate resolution is possible, users can expect:

  • contact from the TDL support team, including questions from the team that may help in resolving your issue
  • notification if the issue is escalated to a higher level of support (see Support Levels below)
  • a time estimate regarding resolution of the issue

To help TDL staff provide a resolution as quickly as possible, please provide as much information as possible about the problem you are experiencing.

What services are supported?

Texas Digital Library supports TDL installed and/or managed instances of the following TDL services:

Support Levels

Your request for support is important to TDL.  In order to handle requests effectively, the Texas Digital Library assigns each help request to one of three levels, or tiers, of support, based on the complexity of the issue and the time and expertise required to resolve it.

Upon receiving a help request, the TDL support team reviews the request and determines which level of support the request requires.  Users will be alerted when the support team has determined that a request should be elevated to the next tier of support.

  • Tier 1 Support: Requests which can be resolved within two days. Tier 1 issues are minor support issues such as trouble with login credentials or misunderstandings about how a service works.
  • Tier 2 Support: Requests which require minor programming to be resolved.  These support requests often uncover a programming issue with a TDL service.  Time varies on these requests, but may take between 3 – 5 working days to resolve.
  • Tier 3 Support: Requests that raise issues requiring significant work by the TDL technical team.  Requests that are escalated to Tier 3 Support will result in communication regarding the status of the request and an estimated timeline for addressing the issue.