Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2012

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Piloting Online Campus Publications: How Archives and Digital Services Made the Sorin Oak Review Come Alive
April Palmore Sullivan, Eric Frierson

Last modified: 2012-04-16


Our poster will cover the lifecycle of a project that jumpstarted digital initiatives at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. By partnering with the faculty advisor and student editors of the annual campus literature and arts journal, we were able to demonstrate the value of archives and library digital services, and create a unique online version of a respected campus publication. 

As with any pilot project, we encountered various challenges including how to digitize back issues, displaying the content online, creating original metadata, and setting up a sustainable, scalable approach to these types of projects. 

What resulted is an impressive example of how library digital services can add value to student and faculty initiatives. Using open source software, such as Omeka and Open Library's Book Reader, we have created a lasting partnership that will serve as a template for many more to come. 



campus publications; digitization; open source software; descriptive metadata; digital preservation