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Digitizing and Making Accessible Marine Science Journal, Contributions in Marine Science
Liz DeHart

Last modified: 2012-04-16


The University of Texas Marine Science Institute is considered the oldest and most significant marine research facility on the Texas coast. It has published its own scientific journal, Contributions in Marine Science (CMS), providing institutions all over the world with important data and research since 1945. The collection is a unique and scientifically irreplaceable journal which is housed in the Marine Science Library, one of the science branch libraries of the University of Texas Libraries in Austin. The most recent issues include reviews and monographs of basic or regional information in marine science, with emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas.

The journal is currently not available online to the marine community. The plan is to increase greater access for this unique collection by transforming back issues into digital format and make them accessible online in the UT Digital Repository (UTDR). A future project would focus on moving new issues to online publishing through Open Journals System (OJS), hosted by TDL.


digital preservation; digital repositories; online journal; marine science