Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2012

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Adventures in Curation: Providing Access, Context and Outreach to Baylor’s Digital Collections
Eric Ames

Last modified: 2012-04-18


The concept of curating collections may have its roots in the museum field, but increasingly libraries are looking to techniques employed by curators to find ways to make digital collections more accessible, relevant, and useful to their end users.

The Digitization Projects Group at Baylor University has taken the proactive step of synthesizing many of its outreach and contextualization efforts into the newly created position of Curator of Digital Collections. Eric S. Ames serves in this capacity and has spent the past six months exploring new ways to connect the more than 150,000 items in the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections with potential users.

In this session, Ames will explore ways Baylor is using a mix of library and museum techniques to achieve these goals, including:

- Enhancing context for collections
- Using social media to connect with users
- Community outreach opportunities like sponsorships and participation in workshops, presentations and more
- Creation of a unified brand identify for digital collections

This session will be of interest to attendees from institutions of all sizes, from smaller digital collections to libraries with robust holdings and specialized staff. The approach will be to explore how library staff can use a planned approach to collection curation to create more engaged, more informed users.


Social Media; Collection Curation; Outreach;