Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2012

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Developing a Digitization Strategy for Audio-Visual Collections
Savannah Gignac, Savannah Gignac

Last modified: 2012-04-16


The original objective of my Capstone was to create digital preservation masters and digital accessibility of raw footage from the 1997 WITNESS documentary, "Bought and Sold: An Investigative Documentary about the International Trade in Women". This material is from the HRDA’s partner organization, WITNESS, a Human Rights organization. The collection is currently held in the Human Rights Documentation Archives (HRDA) at the University of Texas. The raw footage is in the analog format of 26 NTSC Hi8 video tapes.
After being faced with some digitization hurdles from the Hi8 format, not only was the digitization process important, but also to put in place a policy manual for others on how to preserve this important Human Rights material seemed necessary.
With both the PCL's Digital Lab and HRDI's assistance, I have developed a policy and procedure manual for the digitization of Hi8 materials. This project will be put into the workflow of both the Digi-lab and HRDI after my Capstone has been completed. By using Final Cut Pro, proper technical equipment and Glifos, the raw footage files have been made accessible to UT scholars as well as being digitally archived and preserved for future use. The mp4 files without copyright restrictions have been uploaded to Glifos and featured on their own webpage, accessible to the UT community.
The content of the footage is invaluable for Human Rights, Women and Gender studies research. By preserving and providing access to this material, University of Texas scholars will have the ability to investigate Human Rights issues relating to the global sex trade, illustrated by the historical evidence shown in interviews and investigative footage. WITNESS, will also be able to provide this reformatted material for organizational uses such as awareness, human rights activism and historical record.


Digital preservation; Digital Archives