Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2012

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Beyond PPI: Image Scanning for the Rest of Us
Rob Walker

Building: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
Room: Room 102
Date: 2012-05-25 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Last modified: 2012-05-01


This demonstration will feature simple but useful techniques that help determine the proper resolution for image scanning. The presenter will lead a demonstration, using procedures developed by the Norwick Center for Digital Services, that will show how to select the proper settings for image scanning factoring in labor, resolution, file size and longevity. The demonstration will also explain scanner technology as it applies to determine resolution, and also demonstrate the importance of straightening on the platen versus in "post". Finally the presenter will make a case for thinking in terms of image arrays instead off "ppi" (or "dpi" for you old-schoolers)! Attendees will be able to return to their institutions and organizations armed with practical techniques for image scanning.


scanning; digitization; ppi; resolution