Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2012

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Reframing the Digital Library: Making Digital Collections More Relatable to Users
Elizabeth German, R. Niccole Westbrook, Valerie Prilop

Last modified: 2012-04-23


At the University of Houston Libraries, a group of librarians working with unique digital collections were interested in reaching out to liaison librarians for assistance in making the UH Digital Library, a repository for unique digital items, more relevant to the faculty and students. From conversations with the local liaison librarians, an idea was formed that if users could be exposed to items in the Digital Library in a way that was relatable to them, they would want to see more because of the thrill of discovering what the library had to offer. In order to manifest this idea, the project team focused on developing an easy to use system that provides access to a curated collection of visually compelling images from the Digital Library organized by common subject theme for use in presentations, projects, and classroom materials. This poster will describe the application, called Image Cafe, that was collaboratively created in order to increase user access to digital collections in a way that was relatable to faculty and students.


User Outreach; Collaboration