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General Track Presentations

Stream it! Providing a video reserves service at UT Austin Slideshow
Laura Schwartz, Georgia Harper
Tools for Crowdsourcing Manuscript Transcription
Ben W. Brumfield
Building relationships with researchers and enhancing the library’s reputation through digital services Slideshow
Colleen Lyon
Web Archives and Large-Scale Data: Preliminary Techniques for Facilitating Research Slideshow
Nicholas Joel Woodward, Kent Norsworthy
Archiving on the go: Facilitating auto-archiving of evolving digital collections Slideshow
Bethany Scott
The Sissy Farenthold Papers Digitization Project: Creating an Online Exhibit Through Cross-Departmental Collaboration Slideshow
Gina Bastone
10 Weeks to Success: How to Quickly and Effectively Build a Collaborative Digital Collection Slideshow
Christy Edina Allen
The Browning Letters Online Slideshow
Darryl B. Stuhr
International Collaboration and Digital Archives: the Guatemalan Police Archive Project at UT Austin Slideshow
Jade A Diaz, Kent Norsworthy
Enhancing Educational Access to Art Slideshow
Jessica Higgins, Unmil P. Karadkar, Karen Pavelka, Catherine Zinser
A Digital Repository for the World of Physical Culture Slideshow
Lesley Caldwell, Brent Sipes
The Story of the Realia Collections at UT Austin: How Three-Dimensional Teaching Objects Can Intersect With Digital Libraries PDF
Annette Buckley
Lifecycle Management of ETDs: Toward a Collaborative Approach to Stakeholders’ Involvement in ETDs Curation Slideshow
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Shannon Stark, Geneva Henry
“Mapping the Southwest”: UNT-UTA Collaborative Project Slideshow
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Ann Hodges, Jerrell Jones
Streaming Texas – A case study of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image Slideshow
Megan Peck
nCDS - Showcase of Collaborative Digital Projects
Rob Walker
Suggestions for Effective Collaboration on Digital Projects Slideshow
Hannah Tarver, Jeremy Moore
Outreach and Collaboration: Strategies for Digital Repositories Slideshow
Laura Waugh
Connecting with Users beyond Language Boundaries through Multilingual Information Access for Digital Collections Slideshow
Jiangping Chen
Student Scholarship: A Valuable Asset and Explaining Downloads Slideshow
Patricia M. Shields, Nandhini Rangarajan,
The Wiki Method: All the promises of Web 2.0 for minimal fuss Slideshow
Joy Marie Perrin, Natalie Bueno
Implementation of a Texas-Sized Research Data Repository Slideshow
Chris Jordan
The Susanna Rowson Digital Compendium: Rethinking Data in Humanities Research
Spencer D. C. Keralis
Texas Digital Library: Building a Connected Texas Slideshow
Mark McFarland
TDL Technical Team and Infrastructure Update: A Focus on Member Support Slideshow
Ryan Steans, Joe DeVries


Tapping into our users' expertise: A crowdsourced transcription project
Kathryn Stallard
Creating a journal backfile on TDL
Natalie Wiest
Piloting Online Campus Publications: How Archives and Digital Services Made the Sorin Oak Review Come Alive
April Palmore Sullivan, Eric Frierson
Vireo connections
Stephanie Larrison
Dungeons, Dragons, and Documentation Strategy
Katrina Windon, Ryder Kouba, Emilia Mahaffey, Ian Collins
TxETDA: Connecting Texas ETD Professionals
Laura Hammons
Metadata Quality Enhancement for Large Digital Collections: Web Browser Automation with Selenium IDE
Andrew James Weidner, Daniel Gelaw Alemneh
Self-archiving of published articles in the Institutional Repository: A case study of the workflow, transaction costs, and yield rate for the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Texas A&M University
Jo Ann Bianchi, Gail Clement, Robert McGeachin
Adventures in Curation: Providing Access, Context and Outreach to Baylor’s Digital Collections
Eric Ames
An Institutional Repository's Role at the Briscoe Center
Zach Vowell
Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) Working Group @ UT: Pooling Efforts to Find Solutions
Liz Gushee, Melanie Cofield
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
Leta Negandhi
Enhancing Content Visibility in Institutional Repositories: Maintaining Metadata Consistency across Digital Collections
Ahmet Meti Tmava, Daniel Gelaw Alemneh
Assessing Technology Can Address Gaps in Healthcare
Rachael Robertson, Victor Prybutok, Joseph Oppong
A Collaborative Effort to Digitize the Freshwater Mussels of Texas
Edward Warga, James Kennedy, Colleen Von Ehr
Developing a Digitization Strategy for Audio-Visual Collections
Savannah Gignac, Savannah Gignac
The Problem of Obsolescence in Audiovisual Digitization Projects
Wendy Martin, Anna Lamphear
Reframing the Digital Library: Making Digital Collections More Relatable to Users
Elizabeth German, R. Niccole Westbrook, Valerie Prilop
Enhancing a Digital Repository with Objects’ Embedded Metadata
Serhiy Polyakov
Enhancing Educational Access to Art
Jessica Higgins, Unmil P. Karadkar, Karen Pavelka, Catherine Zinser
Digitizing and Making Accessible Marine Science Journal, Contributions in Marine Science
Liz DeHart

Workshop, Tutorials and Demos, and Birds of a Feather Sessions

Using Batch Load to Create a Repository Collection
Mira Greene
Beyond PPI: Image Scanning for the Rest of Us
Rob Walker
Digital Post-Processing in Photoshop: How to edit a variety of digital images for preservation and online access using Photoshop
Laura Stennett
Birds of a Feather - From On Film to On Line: Bringing New Access to Moving Image Collections
Elizabeth Hansen
Birds of a Feather Session: Promoting our Digital Collections to the Academic Community “If We Build It, We Hope They Will Come.”
Ann Howington
Vireo Workflow Demonstrations
Laura Hammons, Stephanie Larrison

Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote Address: The Digital Preservation Network
James L. Hilton
Closing Keynote Address
John Price Wilkin

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