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TCDL 2012 The Sissy Farenthold Papers Digitization Project: Creating an Online Exhibit Through Cross-Departmental Collaboration Abstract
Gina Bastone
TCDL 2012 The Story of the Realia Collections at UT Austin: How Three-Dimensional Teaching Objects Can Intersect With Digital Libraries Abstract
Annette Buckley
TCDL 2012 The Susanna Rowson Digital Compendium: Rethinking Data in Humanities Research Abstract
Spencer D. C. Keralis
TCDL 2012 The Wiki Method: All the promises of Web 2.0 for minimal fuss Abstract
Joy Marie Perrin, Natalie Bueno
TCDL 2012 Tools for Crowdsourcing Manuscript Transcription Abstract
Ben W. Brumfield
TCDL 2012 Using Batch Load to Create a Repository Collection Abstract
Mira Greene
TCDL 2012 Vireo Workflow Demonstrations Abstract
Laura Hammons, Stephanie Larrison
TCDL 2012 Web Archives and Large-Scale Data: Preliminary Techniques for Facilitating Research Abstract
Nicholas Joel Woodward, Kent Norsworthy
TCDL 2012 “Mapping the Southwest”: UNT-UTA Collaborative Project Abstract
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Ann Hodges, Jerrell Jones
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