Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2013

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The Development and Implementation of an Interdepartmental Digitization Workflow
Valerie G. Prilop, R. Niccole Westbrook

Last modified: 2013-04-19


The science of creating workflows that involve multiple departments within a large organization can be challenging, especially when the projects handled by the workflow are complex and involve a number of stakeholders. Such a project to revise a workflow dealing with the digitization of unique library materials in a university library was undertaken by the presenters.

Libraries and similar institutions are increasingly embarking on digitization projects that involve a number of participants and stakeholders, but creation of workflows to complete these projects is not a topic that has been widely discussed or reported on. This poster will use the project as a case study for developing and implementing a digitization workflow. Among the topics to be addressed are the interdepartmental nature of the workflow, the move toward and impact of more written documentation about digitization projects, and the challenges associated with shepherding the workflow through a subsequent major departmental transition.


workflows; project management; digitization;

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