Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2013

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How Digital Libraries Can Create a Culture of Open Access on Campus
Spencer D. C. Keralis, Kris Helge, Laura Waugh, Shannon Stark, Anjum Najmi

Last modified: 2013-03-21


As Open Access has flourished into an International movement that is shaping the progressive landscape of scholarly communication, a growing number of institutions are implementing policy changes aimed at the higher institutional levels. Policy implementation, however, is only the one step in creating a culture of Open Access on a campus.

Digital Libraries have led the movement by instituting Institutional Repositories for scholarly works and research data, but it has become increasingly evident that academic institutions must implement strategies for raising the awareness of Open Access and promoting the involvement of their academic scholars and students. It is no longer a question of whether or not to promote the open accessibility of these works among our academic community, but how best to do so.

This roundtable discussion will offer ideas, strategies, and thoughtful conversations on how to equip a campus with the resources it needs to promote and assist researchers in adopting Open Access. This panel will feature faculty; a graduate student; scholarly communications, institutional repository, and strategic projects librarians to provide a balanced perspective of Open Access implementation at one Texas institution.


open access, policy, programming, repository services, intellectual property, open data

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