Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2013

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From Mishmash to MeSH: Subject Headings Changes for a Collection
Cameron J Kainerstorfer, Heather Perkins

Last modified: 2013-03-21


What is the half-life of a subject heading? Transfer between systems, input errors, workflow and staff changes all contribute to decay in subject heading quality. This presentation will cover highlights from a recent project to review and modify subject headings for the electronic theses and dissertations collection within the UT Southwestern institutional repository. Project work was primarily conducted by a UNT graduate school library science student as part of an semester-long internship in 2012. Developed by the repository administrator and metadata manager, this also served as a springboard for future intern projects.

The presentation will also highlight:

  • Targeted quality improvement through a small, manageable project,
  • Cooperation between different library departments,
  • Access issues for repository work in DSpace conducted by non-affiliated personnel (off-campus access; institutional accounts; etc.),
  • Needs of particular interest to a medical institution (MeSH vs. other subject headings; embargoed or limited content).


repository management; subject headings; medical subject headings

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