Texas Digital Library Conference System, TCDL 2013

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Making the commitment to preserve our digital scholarship, can we and will we?
Michele Kimpton

Last modified: 2013-04-02


Ensuring digital scholarship produced today is available for future generations will be seen as one of the key accomplishments or failures of our time if we do not get it right. There is an ever increasing amount of content produced natively in digital form, that if actions are not taken today to proactively manage and preserve the content we risk losing it forever. Digital data is being produced in record quantities  in many new formats ,which makes it daunting for any single institution to tackle preservation alone.  There are many projects and collaborations underway to begin to collectively work on finding viable, sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum of use cases. DuraSpace, as well as Texas Digital Library, are players in this pursuit to develop common, scalable solutions for preserving and providing access to scholarship. The focus of the talk will examine the landscape of preservation focused projects and discuss how each of us can and must take part in this process to ensure robust, diversified and sustainable solutions.  We can not leave the job of ensuring long term access of our digital scholarship to others, it is our problem to solve and our legacy to leave.


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