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Building an online Data Management Plan tool Poster
Michele Reilly, Anita R Dryden
A comparison of features among ETD submission systems Poster
Stephanie A Larrison
Evolutions: digitization vs. digital born photography in urban architecture Poster
Scott A. Holmes, Kris Swenson
Current Practices in Quality Assurance for Web Archives Poster
Brenda Reyes
Uncovering the Mysteries of Metadata Harvesting: Optimizing Digital Library Content for Summon Discovery Tool Access Poster
Kelsey Renee Brett, Santi Thompson
CONTENTdm to DSpace- Why? Poster
Joy Marie Perrin
Digital Curation Micro-Applications: Digital Lifecycle Management with AutoHotkey Poster
Andrew Weidner, Robert John Wilson III, Daniel Gelaw Alemneh
“This is totally going on our blog.” Using WordPress and Edublogs to Enhance Access to Digital Collections Poster
Eric Ames
The Development and Implementation of an Interdepartmental Digitization Workflow Poster
Valerie G. Prilop, R. Niccole Westbrook
The Denton Declaration: An Open Data Manifesto Poster
Spencer D. C. Keralis, Shannon Stark
Implementation of a New Date/Time Standard in Digital Library Metadata Poster
Hannah Tarver
Scanning TRAIL Project Technical Reports: A Workflow for a Large-Scale Collaborative Digitization Effort Poster
Hannah Tarver
Collection Development for an Institutional Repository through Collaborations between Departments Poster
Wilhelmina Randtke, Brian Detweiler
Mapping the Southwest Project: Putting the Region’s Maps Online Poster
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Jerrell Jones, Cathy Hartman, Mark Phillips, Ann Hodges, Ben Husman
Looking Through the Eyes of Texas Poster
Tanya N Brassie, Ann Serrano
Google-izing Projects: Managing Large-Scale Digitization Projects via the Cloud Poster
Darryl Stuhr, Timothy Logan
On the Road Again: Mapping a Texana Collection Poster
Ann Serrano, Stefanie Lapka
When Too Many Cooks Do NOT Spoil the Broth: Selecting and Implementing a New Web Scale Discovery Tool for a Large University Library. Poster
Jane Fleming, April Kessler, Jade A. Diaz, Colleen Lyon, Sara Snow
Resource Description & Access -- Now or later? Poster
David A Melanson, Ann Marchock
Metadata Quality in Texas Woman's University's Digital Collection Poster
Amber L. Bookman
@InstitutionalRepository How Do I Preserve Internet Ephemera? #Twitter #Wordpress Poster
Franny Gaede
The Monster MeSH!—Taming Medical Subject Headings for an ETD Collection Poster
Cameron J Kainerstorfer, Heather Perkins, Misou DeWeese

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