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General Presentations

Automated Archiving of DVD Content Presentation
Heriberto Nieto, Anna Lamphear


A comparison of features among ETD submission systems Poster
Stephanie A Larrison
Google-izing Projects: Managing Large-Scale Digitization Projects via the Cloud Poster
Darryl Stuhr, Timothy Logan
On the Road Again: Mapping a Texana Collection Poster
Ann Serrano, Stefanie Lapka
When Too Many Cooks Do NOT Spoil the Broth: Selecting and Implementing a New Web Scale Discovery Tool for a Large University Library. Poster
Jane Fleming, April Kessler, Jade A. Diaz, Colleen Lyon, Sara Snow

Workshops, Tutorials & Demos, Birds of a Feather Sessions

ETD Embargoes: A Comparison of Institutional Policies and Practices Presentation
Laura Hammons, Stephanie Larrison, Geneva Henry

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