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General Presentations

It's a Big World After All ...the pitfalls of digitizing and describing a linguistics project by non-linguists Presentation
Ramona Holmes, Krystal Schenk
From Custody to Collaboration: The Post-Custodial Archival Model at the University of Texas Libraries Presentation
Kent Norsworthy, T-Kay Sangwand


Perspectives on Preservation Strategies for Digital Content: Lessons Learned Presentation
Shelley Barba, Joy Perrin, Chris Starcher, Heidi Winkler, Le Yang
How Digital Libraries Can Create a Culture of Open Access on Campus Presentation
Spencer D. C. Keralis, Kris Helge, Laura Waugh, Shannon Stark, Anjum Najmi
Challenges and Opportunities: A Library Directors' Panel Discussion Presentation
William Anderson, Donald Dyal, Christine Shupala, Douglas Ferrier, Pamela McQuesten, Joan Heath


Evolutions: digitization vs. digital born photography in urban architecture Poster
Scott A. Holmes, Kris Swenson
The Denton Declaration: An Open Data Manifesto Poster
Spencer D. C. Keralis, Shannon Stark
Looking Through the Eyes of Texas Poster
Tanya N Brassie, Ann Serrano
Google-izing Projects: Managing Large-Scale Digitization Projects via the Cloud Poster
Darryl Stuhr, Timothy Logan
On the Road Again: Mapping a Texana Collection Poster
Ann Serrano, Stefanie Lapka
When Too Many Cooks Do NOT Spoil the Broth: Selecting and Implementing a New Web Scale Discovery Tool for a Large University Library. Poster
Jane Fleming, April Kessler, Jade A. Diaz, Colleen Lyon, Sara Snow

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