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TCDL 2013 Integrating the Classroom and the Digitization Center: An Innovative Approach Abstract
Eric Ames
TCDL 2013 It's a Big World After All ...the pitfalls of digitizing and describing a linguistics project by non-linguists Abstract
Ramona Holmes, Krystal Schenk
TCDL 2013 Looking Through the Eyes of Texas Abstract
Tanya N Brassie, Ann Serrano
TCDL 2013 Making the commitment to preserve our digital scholarship, can we and will we? Abstract
Michele Kimpton
TCDL 2013 Mapping the Southwest Project: Putting the Region’s Maps Online Abstract
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Jerrell Jones, Cathy Hartman, Mark Phillips, Ann Hodges, Ben Husman
TCDL 2013 Metadata Quality in Texas Woman's University's Digital Collection Abstract
Amber L. Bookman
TCDL 2013 New Features in Vireo 2.0 Abstract
Micah Cooper
TCDL 2013 On the Road Again: Mapping a Texana Collection Abstract
Ann Serrano, Stefanie Lapka
TCDL 2013 Online Metadata Generator for Research Data Abstract
Michele Reilly, Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez
TCDL 2013 Pasteur’s Own Hand: The Creation of a Digital Repository Abstract
Mira Greene
TCDL 2013 Perspectives on Preservation Strategies for Digital Content: Lessons Learned Abstract
Shelley Barba, Joy Perrin, Chris Starcher, Heidi Winkler, Le Yang
TCDL 2013 Preserving the Image of Fandom: The Sandy Hereld Digitized Media Fanzine Collection at Texas A&M University Abstract
Jeremy Brett
TCDL 2013 Providing effective information services for RCN CE3SAR project Abstract
Hong Xu
TCDL 2013 Resource Description & Access -- Now or later? Abstract
David A Melanson, Ann Marchock
TCDL 2013 Scanning TRAIL Project Technical Reports: A Workflow for a Large-Scale Collaborative Digitization Effort Abstract
Hannah Tarver
TCDL 2013 The Austin Fanzine Project: Phase Two Abstract
Jennifer Hecker, Kevin Powell
TCDL 2013 The Denton Declaration: An Open Data Manifesto Abstract
Spencer D. C. Keralis, Shannon Stark
TCDL 2013 The Development and Implementation of an Interdepartmental Digitization Workflow Abstract
Valerie G. Prilop, R. Niccole Westbrook
TCDL 2013 The Digital Preservation Network at UT Austin Abstract
Chris Jordan
TCDL 2013 The Evolution of the World Digital Library: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract
Erin Hawkins
TCDL 2013 The Monster MeSH!—Taming Medical Subject Headings for an ETD Collection Abstract
Cameron J Kainerstorfer, Heather Perkins, Misou DeWeese
TCDL 2013 Uncovering the Mysteries of Metadata Harvesting: Optimizing Digital Library Content for Summon Discovery Tool Access Abstract
Kelsey Renee Brett, Santi Thompson
TCDL 2013 Understanding large digital collections and learning new tools: The Texas Digital Newspaper Program visualizations. Abstract
Mark E. Phillips, Will Hicks
TCDL 2013 Vamp It Up and Make It Better: Auditing and Upgrading Metadata in the UH Digital Library. Abstract
Santi Thompson, Annie Wu
TCDL 2013 Visualizing metadata Abstract
Violeta Ilik
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