Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Birds of a Feather: CONTENTdm Users
Elizabeth Gushee, Cindy Boeke

Last modified: 2014-03-25


This CONTENTdm-focused Birds of a Feather session will provide current and potential CONTENTdm users a forum for general discussion and networking.  Intended outcomes from this session include the development of new working relationships between Texas-based academic libraries, the creation of innovative ideas related to CONTENTdm-based digital collections development, and concepts for future collaborative projects throughout the state. This Birds of a Feather session will also serve to gage interest and commitment among attendees for a future daylong Texas User Group meeting for CONTENTdm.

Separate free registration is required for this event, and the option to purchase a boxed lunch in advance is available.

Register for this event: https://ContentDM-TCDL2014.eventbrite.com


  • Cindy Boeke, Digital Collections Developer, Southern Methodist University
  • Liz Gushee, Digital Collections Librarian, University of Texas at Austin


CONTENTdm; digital libraries; collaborative projects; networking