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The University of California Shared Images Project (UCSI): Sharing Art and Architecture Visual Resources Across a Multi-Campus System
Lynn Cunningham

Last modified: 2014-03-14


The University of California Shared Images project (UCSI) is a collaborative image digitization project shared across nine University of California (UC) campuses. The UCSI collection aggregates over a hundred thousand images of art and architecture from Visual Resources Collections at the nine participating UC campuses. The Visual Resources Collections and the libraries assign a Collection Development Liaison from each campus to participate in forming the collection. The collection supports classroom instruction in architecture, history of art, art practice, social sciences and humanities departments. The UCSI project also shares collections from image vendors such as Saskia Art & Architecture, Harthill Archive, and Archivision licensed with a consortial agreement through the California Digital Library at the Office of the President of the University of California.

UCSI participants utilize a web-based media management software, Shared Shelf (developed by ARTstor http://www.artstor.org/), to build and grow the collections. Shared Shelf has integrated vocabularies, cataloging tools, and customizable metadata schemas. All UCSI participants publish their collections directly to ARTstor from Shared Shelf. ARTstor serves as the end-user search interface for all of the UCSI contributing institutions. The ARTstor portal provides end-user access to not only the UCSI collections and the licensed vendor content, but also to over 1.5 million ARTstor subscription collection images.

This poster presents the shared objectives and outcome of the UCSI project. The complications and successes of such a project are examined. Considerations such as project logistics, shared metadata schemas, and image specifications are also discussed.

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