Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Centralized to Scattered: Designing Project Workflows for a Dynamic Staff
Faedra Wills, Krystal Schenk

Last modified: 2014-04-04


How can staff collaborate on digital projects when they are dispersed throughout the library?  This is the challenge the new Digital Creations department was faced with after a library wide reorganization in the summer of 2013.   In 2011, the UT Arlington Libraries began mining faculty CVs for articles that we could add to our local institutional repository.  After the re-organization the staff previously working on this project were now scattered between three departments.  By leveraging the project management features of the newly adopted tool SharePoint, we are able to distribute the work of this project across staff, and departments.

In this presentation we will demonstrate how we are using SharePoint’s workflows, custom lists, task lists and shared calendars to help keep staff informed, generate reports and manage projects.  In particular, we will show how we use these features to help keep staff on task, and faculty informed of our progress.


digital project workflows; collaboration; project management

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