Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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The Niiyama Japanese Poetic Pottery: The unintended adaptation of a unique collection
Patrice-Andre Prud'homme

Last modified: 2014-03-14


From the compilation of this exemplary collection of short poems of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu in 1235 to its interpretation in ceramics exhibited at the Tokyo American Club in 1981, this presentation will examine the interactive digital transformation of a collection of one hundred pieces of pottery displayed in Flash and HTML5 with CSS3. Through his work, the potter Mitsuya Niiyama reveals the nature of Japanese sensitivity. The purpose of this case study is three-fold: 1) Demonstrate the collaborative work of the digitization process with departments inside and outside the library, 2) Explore the innovative process in the production of an interactive presentation, including HTML5 for added accessibility to mobile devices and 3) Adhere to digital preservation strategies and actions about content creation associated with metadata development. This elaborate transformative process of a unique collection of pottery is even more important in that it leads to the premise of accurate rendering of authenticated content over time, particularly when institutions with fewer resources may find it difficult to successfully engage in digital preservation. 


Japanese pottery; interactive media

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