Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Viva, VIVO! Research Discovery and Digital Libraries
Patrick Michael McLeod

Last modified: 2014-03-14


VIVO is a web application that enables discovery of research and scholarly activity on both the micro and macro levels. At the micro, or institutional, level, VIVO provides a semantic application that organizes and exposes metadata concerning scholarly output by persons affiliated with the institution, producing an environment populated by structured data on publications, conference presentations, teaching, and other service. At the macro, or national, level, institutional VIVO instances provide RDF structured data to add the content of the institutional instances to a nation-wide network of VIVO instances.

There are natural affinities between VIVO and digital libraries with research collections. Integrating VIVO’s researcher information and digital libraries’ researcher holdings adds another layer of data richness to both endeavors. This talk will look at two examples of integrating these two worlds.


digital libraries; linked data; VIVO;