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Finding Roots, Gems, and Inspiration: Understanding Ultimate Use of Digital Materials Slideshow
Michele Reilly, Santi Thompson
Digitizing San Antonio’s LGBTQ publications: A Portal to the City’s Queer Past Slideshow
Melissa Gohlke
What’s Good for the Large Hadron Collider Is Good for Libraries: REDDnet at Texas Tech University Slideshow part 1 Slideshow part 2
Jim Brewer, Jayne Sappington, Alan Tackett
The Texas Runaway Slave Project Slideshow
Kyle Ainsworth
Five Years of the University of Michigan Library's Computer & Video Game Archive: What We've Learned HTML
David Carter
Content Management Systems and 3D Models: Creation, Interaction and Display Slideshow
Dillon Wackerman, Ashley Thompson
Measuring Value and Impact: A Study of the UNT Digital Library Collections PDF
Laura Waugh
Introducing Piper, a Repository-Agnostic Batch Deposit Tool Slideshow
Micah Cooper, James Creel, Doug Hahn, Bruce Herbert, Jeremy Huff, Yu “Lilly” Li, Alexey Maslov, Sarah Potvin
Place-Based Online Management Systems for Documenting the Built Environment PDF
Josh Conrad
Square peg in a round hole: Using IRs to archive websites Slideshow
Colleen Lyon, Katherine Miles
Metadata Creation before Digitization: Strategies to Unveil Hidden Collections
Anton duPlessis, Lisa Furubotten, Felicia Piscitelli, Alma Beatriz Rivera-Aguilera, Ángel Villalba Roldán
Newspapers, Annuals and Press Releases: Digitizing Baylor's History Slideshow
Darryl Bryan Stuhr
A Consortial Response to Data Sharing: The TDL Data Management Pilot Project Slideshow
Debra Hanken Kurtz


It Takes a Village to Grow ORCIDs on Campus: Establishing and Integrating Unique Scholar Identifiers at Texas A&M Slideshow
Gail Clement, Violeta Ilik, Douglas Hahn, Micah Cooper, Sandra Tucker
Serving as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America Slideshow
Anna Neatrour

24x7 Presentations (24 slides in 7 minutes)

Being an 'a11y': Increasing Accessibility in Born Digital Preservation Slideshow
Lisa Snider
National Museum of the Pacific War Oral History Program Slideshow
Sarah Walch
Aggregating Digital Collections Metadata into the DPLA: A Regional Tiered Services Model at the Mountain West Digital Library
Sandra A. McIntyre
Responsive Design Meets JFK: 1960s images through modern technology
Eli Zoller
Digital Repository for Beach Management Data Slideshow
Laura Kane McElfresh, David R. Baca
Examining Massive Digital Libraries Slideshow
Andrew Weiss
Digital Collections in a Small Archives: Using Google Services to Help Present and Promote An Oral History Project Slideshow
Erin Wolfe
Success and Growth: the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project Slideshow
Timothy Logan
Applying visual arts pedagogy in the training of new digital imaging technicians Slideshow
Derek Rankins, Jeremy Moore
Flowcharting a Course Through Open-Source Waters, an eMOP guide to OCR Slideshow
Matthew J Christy
The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America PDF
Susan S. Kung
The Niiyama Japanese Poetic Pottery: The unintended adaptation of a unique collection Slideshow
Patrice-Andre Prud'homme
Viva, VIVO! Research Discovery and Digital Libraries
Patrick Michael McLeod


Beyond Web-based Scholarly Works Repositories: The effect of institutional mandates on the faculty attitudes towards Institutional Repositories PDF
Ahmet Meti Tmava, Daniel Gelaw Gelaw Alemneh
Centralized to Scattered: Designing Project Workflows for a Dynamic Staff PDF
Faedra Wills, Krystal Schenk
Collection Size Descriptions as Archival Data: The Spectrum of physdesc PDF
Sarah Buchanan, Haoyang Li
Developing a Library Open Access Portal That Bypasses the Need for Authentication PDF
Bruce E. Herbert, Sarah Potvin, Bennett Ponsford Ponsford, Anne L. Highsmith
Did we scan that book twice?: Weeding the Texas Tech Dark Digital Archive PDF
Heidi M. Winkler
Digitizing the Fred Fehl Dance Collection PDF
Chelsea Weathers, Jordan Mitchell, Emily Roehl
Harvesting Quality: Evaluating Metadata for Digital Collections PDF
Paromita Biswas
The Power of Collaboration: Creative Opportunities with Faculty PDF
Faedra Wills, Jeff Downing
Providing a Spatial Context for Library and Archival Collections: Mapping Historic Aggieland PDF
Kathy Weimer, Miriam Olivares
Pushing the Boundaries of Open Access PDF
Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Mark E. Phillips, Jill Kleister
Re-engineering a website into a digital humanities project - we think! PDF
Lynn Johnson, Ramona Holmes
Sharing Research Broadly: Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) at Texas A&M University PDF
Laura Hammons, Joelle Muenich
Texas Cowboy Churches: a Collection of Oral Histories PDF
Ann Ellis
Texas Documents: What are They Good For? PDF
Krystal Schenk, Jeff Downing
Transforming Access to Texts with 18thConnect and TypeWright PDF
Elizabeth Grumbach
Unifying Digital Collection Software: Considerations at Biblioteca Francisco Xavier Clavigero, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México PDF
Alma Beatriz Rivera-Aguilera, Eduardo Cortés, Efraín Juárez, Gerardo Morales, Daniel Castro
The University of California Shared Images Project (UCSI): Sharing Art and Architecture Visual Resources Across a Multi-Campus System PNG
Lynn Cunningham
Who is Using Online Special Collections? The CUL Digital Collections Case Study PDF
Cindy Boeke
Conceptualizing and implementing a webinar series: lessons learned from the Mountain West Digital Library Webinar Series PDF
Rebekah Cummings
OMEKA, OK! (Or, What We Learned at the DPLA)
Betsy V Martens

Workshops, Tutorials & Demos, Birds of a Feather Sessions

Birds of a Feather: CONTENTdm Users
Elizabeth Gushee, Cindy Boeke
Hacking DPLA
Danielle Cunniff Plumer
Linked Data Workshop
Karen Coyle


Inside the Digital Public Library of America PDF
Dan Cohen
"Think Different" Slideshow
Karen Coyle

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