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Content Management Systems and 3D Models: Creation, Interaction and Display Slideshow
Dillon Wackerman, Ashley Thompson
Measuring Value and Impact: A Study of the UNT Digital Library Collections PDF
Laura Waugh

24x7 Presentations (24 slides in 7 minutes)

National Museum of the Pacific War Oral History Program Slideshow
Sarah Walch
Examining Massive Digital Libraries Slideshow
Andrew Weiss
Digital Collections in a Small Archives: Using Google Services to Help Present and Promote An Oral History Project Slideshow
Erin Wolfe


Centralized to Scattered: Designing Project Workflows for a Dynamic Staff PDF
Faedra Wills, Krystal Schenk
Did we scan that book twice?: Weeding the Texas Tech Dark Digital Archive PDF
Heidi M. Winkler
Digitizing the Fred Fehl Dance Collection PDF
Chelsea Weathers, Jordan Mitchell, Emily Roehl
The Power of Collaboration: Creative Opportunities with Faculty PDF
Faedra Wills, Jeff Downing
Providing a Spatial Context for Library and Archival Collections: Mapping Historic Aggieland PDF
Kathy Weimer, Miriam Olivares

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