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In Memoriam: Challenges on Researching Deceased Veterans
Jeff Downing

Last modified: 2015-03-19


As part of the UTA Library Special Collections oral history project, Maverick Veterans' Voices, project leaders created an "In Memoriam" section to honor UTA-affiliated solders who died in service. This poster describes the process for and challenges of finding information on those student soldiers, from World War II through the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • When and where were they born?
  • When were they at UTA, did they graduate?
  • Could we find photos from old yearbooks or other sources?
  • How and where did they die and where are they buried?
  • What was their military rank?
  • What honors and medals were awarded to them?

Also included are ideas on expanding the site to become a digital humanities project.


oral histories; archives; research; military