Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2015 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Putting the Humanity in Digital Humanities Social Media
Eric S. Ames

Last modified: 2015-03-19


Everyone knows it’s a good idea to create social media outlets to showcase digital humanities materials, but does the sheer weight of available options competing for users’ attention make it seem impossible to craft an informative account with a unique identity? How can we use computer-driven outreach tools to convey the essential humanness behind the materials we’re promoting? And is it a bad idea to let your Tumblr account have its own sense of humor?


This poster will explore the ways Baylor University’s Digital Projects Group has created several popular and effective social media accounts, including two specialized Twitter accounts (@GWTruettSermons and @BUDailyHistory), a well-trafficked, in-depth blog (http://blogs.baylor.edu/digitalcollections) and a slightly irreverent, increasingly popular (currently at 4,000 followers) Tumblr microblog (http://baylordigitalcollections.tumblr.com/). Eric S. Ames, Curator of Digital Collections, will discuss crafting unique personalities for social media outlets, tailoring digital humanities resources to specific outreach tools and navigating the perilous waters of presenting accurate information in an engaging manner.


digital humanieis ; social media ; curation