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Using Viewshare to feature the Breitenbach Mexican Mask Collection
James Williamson

Last modified: 2015-03-17


In the spring of 2013, Newton Gresham Library at Sam Houston State University sought ways to highlight its large collection of modern and traditional Mexican masks. Representations of each mask had been uploaded to the OCLC hosted instance of ContentDM. While the display was satisfactory, the staff at Newton Gresham Library were looking for something extra. Recommended by a colleague, Newton Gresham Library used the Library of Congress based product Viewshare to highlight its Mexican mask collection.

In this presentation we will discuss our use of Viewshare. We will highlight how we used some of the Viewshare features to exploit our metadata. We will discuss the workflow that we used and helpful resources that we found along the way. We will conclude the presentation by discussing some of the issues that we faced during the process.


viewshare; digital collections; mapping

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