Presentations and Authors

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Voices from Small Places Slideshow
Kelley Snowden, Perky Beisel, Linda Reynolds
All In For the Bears: The History and Impact of the Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive Slideshow
Darryl B. Stuhr, Eric S. Ames
Using Omeka and Neatline to Build an Interactive Campus Map Slideshow
Max King, Adam Strohm
Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: Forming UH Libraries Digital Preservation Landscape Slideshow
Santi Thompson, Andrew Krewer, Mary Manning, Rob Spragg, Annie Wu
DuraCloud™ and Flexible Digital Preservation at the Texas Digital Library Slideshow
Ryan J Steans, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Gad Krumholz

24x7 Presentations

Austin Music Documentation Initiative Portal PDF
Hannah Rainey, Grace Atkins, Jeremy Selvidge


Zine Party! Collaborating across UT Libraries to Experiment with Methods, Workflows & Tools, Build Awareness of a Collection, and Teach Metadata Literacy Slideshow
Jennifer Hecker, Aaron Choate, Laura Schwartz, Melanie Cofield, Ann Marchock, Rebecca Pad

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Islandora for Repository Administrators
Alan Stanley
Islandora for Repository Developers
Alan Stanley


Libraries and the Long Now Slideshow Notes
Bess Sadler

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