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Web Archiving Birds of a Feather!
Courtney Mumma, Mark Phillips

Last modified: 2016-05-08


Web archiving was once a niche activity in the cultural heritage community, but has become more commonplace as institutions dedicate staff and other resources to web archiving activities. Mark Phillips of UNT and Courtney Mumma of the Internet Archive will convene a Web Archiving Birds of a Feather to talk about all things web archiving: crawling, selecting seeds, acquisition policies, ethics, QA, research use, social media, browser emulation… and more! Texas has a growing community of web archivists, so we expect this event to be well-attended and would welcome additional host volunteers.

During this Birds of a Feather event there will be an opportunity for participants to discuss activities at their institutions that relate to web archiving.  An overview of various national and international activities in the space of web archiving, including: tool development, application programming interfaces, rights and permission models, content selection and researcher use-cases.  The goal of the event is to provide a forum to discuss existing and future plans related to web archiving and create an opportunity to get to know others working in Texas institutions related to this area of the field,


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