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The Mugen Project
Kenneth Lee

Last modified: 2016-03-25


The Mugen Project is a new web resource for the study of Buddhism. Our website is a bibliographic database containing references to tens of thousands of Buddhist resources, ranging from film and audio recordings to academic books and articles to liturgical texts. What’s more, the Project houses not only resources across a range of media, but also across an array of literary types, such as academic scholarship, popular studies from modern times, canonical texts representing the Buddha’s teachings, major treatises of Buddhist masters across time and place, the vernacular texts of local Buddhist traditions, and so on. With such wide horizons, the Mugen Project is the first comprehensive database of the Buddhist tradition. The Project’s only parameter is language: our database contains only resources of the Buddhist tradition in Western languages, with a predominance of English language entries.  This talk will discuss the Mugen Project from its inception, development and completion.