Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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“It’s not your typical library:” An Evaluation of BiblioTech Services
Socorro Garcia-Alvarado, Paula Johnson, Kristy Masten, Anita Pickett, Misty Sailors, Teresa Sellers, Melissa Siller, Tivy Whitlock

Last modified: 2016-03-22


In this mixed-methods evaluation study, we examined the impact of the Bibliotech services on the reading achievement of middle and high school students. We also investigated the values students' placed on the services offered to them by BiblioTech. We used non-parametric statistics to explore the impact of services on reading achievement. We used constant comparison to explore the valuings our participants held toward the services they utilized at Bibliotech. Our findings indicated a positive association between reading acheivement and use of the BiblioTech services. Finding also indicated the students held general valuings for the services. More importantly, they talked about the affordances Bibliotech offered them and the ways in which the digital and physical space of Bibliotech allowed them access to peer relationships. Finally, our findings indicated that the students saw BiblioTech as a mechanism for their personal growth and development.


reading achievement; digital library; middle school; high school

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