Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Digital Projects Outreach: A Challenge to Traditional Library Liaison Services
Lynn Johnson, Rafia Mirza, Derek Reece

Last modified: 2016-03-23


UT Arlington Libraries has developed new ways to partner with faculty and students to create and enhance digital projects. Discussing several faculty collaborations, the speakers will explore the process from the library perspective. The current collaborations have implemented Omeka and included faculty from Architecture, English, and Sociology departments. Library staff have discovered that digital outreach requires new approaches outside of the traditional library liaison services. The speakers will discuss the following topics: managing expectations and writing MOUs, metadata development, and tech support. Also, the speakers will share what they learned about how digital projects require long-term consultation vs. short traditional reference questions. Lastly, the presentation will cover how library staff have adapted to the changing forms of collaboration with faculty and in-house library departments when working with digital projects.

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