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Making the Case for Grand Rounds at UT Southwestern
Cameron J Kainerstorfer

Last modified: 2016-03-31


Grand Rounds are presentations of particular medical cases or other topics of interest to an audience of physicians, residents, and medical students. Associated CME credit is a factor of interest for many attendees, but the chance to earn credits expires quickly. The UT Southwestern Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center has a collection of over 2,200 Grand Rounds protocols from the Department of Internal Medicine spanning 60 years, but only the born-digital protocols were available in the institutional repository.

With rapid changes in biomedical science, changes in Grand Rounds over time, and no chance to obtain CME credit from older Grand Rounds, why digitize these older protocols and make them publicly-available in the institutional repository? The Internal Medicine Grand Rounds collection is regionally and nationally unique, with particular protocols revealing special importance for archives, the history of medicine, and as tools for learning in new scenarios. This presentation highlights the different perspectives between medicine, science, and the humanities, and how this can be utilized with stakeholders for the support of potentially hidden collections. 


Grand Rounds; Medical History; Collection Support

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