Presentations and Authors

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Introducing MAGPIE (Metadata Assignment GUI Providing Ingest and Export) Slideshow
William Welling, Stephanie Elmquist, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, Rincy Mathew, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton
Developments and Innovations in the Vireo 4.x ETD Submittal System PDF
Gad Krumholz, Stephanie Larrison, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, William Welling, Rincy Mathew, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton, Ryan Steans


Latin American Digital Initiatives: Building a Post-Custodial Digital Repository in Islandora PDF
Theresa E. Polk, Melanie Cofield, Brandon Cornell, Jon Gibson, Jose Gonzalez Roa


Digital Image Collections @ University of Hawaii PDF
Martha Chantiny
Digitizing the Hawaii Mainichi - English/Japanese OCR @ Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa PDF
Martha Chantiny
Who gives a DAM?: The Iterative Process for Assessing Digital Asset Management Tools PDF
Greg Bailey, John Bondurant, Sean Buckner, James Creel, Anton duPlessis, Jeremy Huff, Pauline Melgoza, Julie Mosbo, Ian Muise, Sarah Potvin, Robin Sewell, Brian Wright
Scaling and Diversifying at the intersection of digital humanities and libraries: An update from dh+lib PDF
Sarah Potvin, John Russell, Roxanne Shirazi, Caro Pinto, Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Patrick Williams, Zach Coble, Thomas Padilla

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Memorandum of Understanding Workshop: Creating a Process for Successful Digital Collaboration PDF
Brett D Currier, Rafia Mirza, Peace Ossom Williamson
Batch Importing into DSpace with the SAFCreator Slideshow
James Creel

Special Forum

BIBFRAME Beginnings at UT-Austin Slideshow
Melanie Cofield, Jee Davis, Amy Brown, Alisha Quagliana, Alan Ringwood

Birds of a Feather Lunch Session

Fedora-based Repositories Birds of a Feather PDF
Melanie Cofield, Aaron Choate, Jessica Meyerson

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