Presentations and Authors

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Texas Archival Resources Online: A Community-Driven Redesign PDF
Amy Bowman, Leigh Grinstead
A Model for Surfacing Hidden Collections: The Rescuing Texas History Mini-Grant Program at the University of North Texas Libraries
Jake Mangum, Marcia McIntosh
A Geospatially Oriented Humanities Exhibit Slideshow
Todd C Peters, Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo, Jason R. Long
Establishing a Land Surveying Digital Map Library: Review of Process and Technologies Created and Leveraged Slideshow
Richard Smith, Ann Hodges, Seneca Holland, Son Nguyen
“A Battle Axe in the Time of Battle” - Procedures, Policies and Other Protectants When Working With Sensitive Content Slideshow
Eric Ames
Card Catalog Conversion: The Revenant Slideshow
Bethany Scott, Emily Vinson
Be Careful What You Wish For: the development of the Texas Digital Archive
Mark Myers
Automating Digital Collection Processes PDF
Christopher Starcher, Robert Luttrell
Novel Workflow for Large Scale Thesis Digitization Slideshow
Todd Peters, Jeremy Moore, Jason Long
Introducing MAGPIE (Metadata Assignment GUI Providing Ingest and Export) Slideshow
William Welling, Stephanie Elmquist, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, Rincy Mathew, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton
OpenRefine: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Transformation Slideshow
Kara Long, Darryl Stuhr
Developments and Innovations in the Vireo 4.x ETD Submittal System PDF
Gad Krumholz, Stephanie Larrison, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, William Welling, Rincy Mathew, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton, Ryan Steans
Digital Projects Outreach: A Challenge to Traditional Library Liaison Services Slideshow
Lynn Johnson, Rafia Mirza, Derek Reece
Implementing Open Source Systems for Digital Asset Management and Preservation PDF
Andrew Weidner, Drew Krewer, Bethany Scott, Sean Watkins
Creating a Roadmap for Digital Scholarship Services at the University of Houston Libraries PDF
Santi Thompson, Josh Been, Miranda Bennett, Lee Andrew Hilyer, Michelle Malizia
The Data Archivist: the archivist’s role in data management and preservation PDF
Sarah Allain
Launching ShoreNet PDF ()
Laura Kane McElfresh, Alexandra J. Mitchell, David R. Baca
Models for Community-supported Open Source Software Slideshow
John Herbert, Debra Hanken Kurtz
Streaming Audio & Video Experience (SAVE): A Solution to Publish Music-related ETDs. Slideshow
Le Yang, Christopher Starcher, Kenny Ketner, Scott Luker, Matthew Patterson, Daniel Johnson
Systems Interoperability and Collaborative Development for Web Archiving - Filling Gaps in the IMLS National Digital Platform PDF
Courtney Mumma, Mark Phillips
Batch processes for faculty work in an institutional repository PDF
Gilbert Borrego, Chris Kehoe, David Roberts, Colleen Lyon

24x7 Presentations

The making of …and the earth did not swallow him, a film by Severo Perez Slideshow
Todd C Peters
Rethinking "But this is how we've always done it!" Slideshow
Shannon Nicole Willis
Enhancing discovery and slaying workflows: Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway to sync repository metadata to Slideshow
Nerissa Spring Lindsey
The Training Games: A Method for Digitization Skills Refreshment and Certification Slideshow
Marcia McIntosh, Shannon Willis
Stub Records: The Middle Path of ETD Curation Slideshow
Shelley Barba, Heidi Winkler
Small Academic Library Seeks Affordable Digital Signage
Charlotte Vandervoort
Target Practice Makes Perfect: A Guide for Color Management in Digitization Labs Slideshow
Derek Rankins
Modeling Tools to Ensure that Open Access Scholarly Publications are Publicly Useful: The Design and Impact of an OA Discovery Layer, Based at Texas A&M University Libraries PDF
Bruce E. Herbert, Robert McGeachin, Sarah Potvin, Bennett Claire Ponsford, Anne L. Highsmith
We All Die Sometime: The Cason Monk Funeral Home Records PDF
Kelley Snowden, Linda Reynolds, Perky Beisel
DSpace for Research Datasets: Citizen Science project at the University of Oklahoma
Zhongda Zhang
LibRepoTools: An ETL Toolkit for Library/Museum Repository Teams Slideshow ()
Tao Zhao
TDL Infrastructure within Amazon Web Services PDF
Effie L Bradley
Cataloging Services in Support of Digital Library Collections Slideshow
Joseph Olivarez, Lisa Furubotten, Robert McGeachin
Making the Case for Grand Rounds at UT Southwestern Slideshow
Cameron J Kainerstorfer
A Catalyst for Social Activism: The Digital Black Bibliographic Project at Texas A&M University PDF
Sarah Potvin, Rebecca Hankins, Maura Ives, Amy Earhart


Diving into Data: Implementing a Data Repository at the Texas Digital Library PDF
Santi Thompson, Kristi Park, Ryan Steans, Jeremy Donald, Bruce Herbert, Elizabeth Quigley, Sean Buckner, Wendi Arant Kaspar, Nick Lauland, Todd Peters, Denyse Rodgers, Cecilia Smith, Christopher Starcher, Ray Uzwyshyn, Laura Waugh
Envisioning a Geospatial Data Portal and Curation Network PDF
Douglas Burns, Joshua Been, Kim Ricker, Cecilia Smith, Katherine Hart Weimer
Latin American Digital Initiatives: Building a Post-Custodial Digital Repository in Islandora PDF
Theresa E. Polk, Melanie Cofield, Brandon Cornell, Jon Gibson, Jose Gonzalez Roa


Library Acquisition of Technology: How the sausage is made PDF
Edward Iglesias
ETDs, ORCID, and Vireo PDF
Colleen Lyon
“It’s not your typical library:” An Evaluation of BiblioTech Services PDF
Socorro Garcia-Alvarado, Paula Johnson, Kristy Masten, Anita Pickett, Misty Sailors, Teresa Sellers, Melissa Siller, Tivy Whitlock
Updating a community metadata standard: Challenges and outcomes PDF
Kara Long, Monica Rivero, Santi Thompson, Sarah Potvin, Kristi Park, Colleen Lyon
Beyond Text: Best Practices for Cataloging Music-ETDs and Associated Audio-Visual Materials PDF
Ralph Hartsock, Daniel Gelaw Alemneh
Digital Image Collections @ University of Hawaii PDF
Martha Chantiny
Digitizing the Hawaii Mainichi - English/Japanese OCR @ Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa PDF
Martha Chantiny
Towards Researcher Participation in Research Information Systems PDF
Dong Joon Lee, Besiki Stvilia, Shuheng Wu
Digital Collections Units as Learning Labs PDF
Cindy Boeke
The Mugen Project
Kenneth Lee
Who gives a DAM?: The Iterative Process for Assessing Digital Asset Management Tools PDF
Greg Bailey, John Bondurant, Sean Buckner, James Creel, Anton duPlessis, Jeremy Huff, Pauline Melgoza, Julie Mosbo, Ian Muise, Sarah Potvin, Robin Sewell, Brian Wright
A "3-Stage Banner" Concept for DSpace PDF
Zhongda Zhang
oEmbed Service for Islandora PDF
Tao Zhao
“Better Living in North Carolina” : Challenges of Presenting Agricultural Statistics From The Past. PDF
James R. Stewart, Jr.
Crafting a Digital Preservation Patchwork: Stitching the Pieces Together PDF
Sean Buckner
Acute Hyperosomality, Jekyll & Hyde, and Texas Fire Ants--Protocols as Repurposed Learning Tools
Cameron J Kainerstorfer, Jane Scott
Scaling and Diversifying at the intersection of digital humanities and libraries: An update from dh+lib PDF
Sarah Potvin, John Russell, Roxanne Shirazi, Caro Pinto, Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Patrick Williams, Zach Coble, Thomas Padilla
The Dataverse Project: An Open-Source Data Repository and Data Sharing Community PDF
Elizabeth Quigley

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Memorandum of Understanding Workshop: Creating a Process for Successful Digital Collaboration PDF
Brett D Currier, Rafia Mirza, Peace Ossom Williamson
Batch Importing into DSpace with the SAFCreator Slideshow
James Creel
Animating Digital Libraries PDF
James Williamson
Managing Assets as Linked Data with Fedora 4 PDF
David John Charles Wilcox, Andrew Woods

Special Forum

BIBFRAME Beginnings at UT-Austin Slideshow
Melanie Cofield, Jee Davis, Amy Brown, Alisha Quagliana, Alan Ringwood
The Design and Development of a Integrated Researcher Profile System at Texas A&M to Enrich Scholarly Identity of Faculty
Bruce Herbert, Michael Bolton, Doug Hahn

Birds of a Feather Lunch Session

Birds of a Feather: Archivematica PDF
Sara Allain, Drew Krewer
DSpace Education
Shelley Barba
Web Archiving Birds of a Feather!
Courtney Mumma, Mark Phillips
Fedora-based Repositories Birds of a Feather PDF
Melanie Cofield, Aaron Choate, Jessica Meyerson

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