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If You Build It, Will They/Should They Come? Implementing PlumX at Baylor University
Billie Peterson-Lugo

Last modified: 2017-03-22


In 2014, the Baylor University Libraries subscribed to PlumX, an altmetrics solution provided by Plum Analytics (then owned by EBSCO and now owned by Elsevier). This 24x7 presentation will provide an overview of how we implemented PlumX at Baylor, using data from Baylor's Institute for Research and Testing, Scopus, Academic Analytics, and ORCID for the initial population of PlumX; cleaned up data issues after the initial implementation; and identified specific faculty and departments to use for initial review and feedback. The presentation will end with a summary of the faculty feedback, identification of some issues to be addressed, and a description of the future direction of PlumX at Baylor.


altmetrics; assessment; plumx; services to faculty; scholarly communication