Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Low cost metadata management: Tools and tips for catalogers
Lisa Furubotten, Joseph Olivarez, Eric Pennington, Anna J Dabrowski

Last modified: 2017-04-07


Many libraries need efficient and low-cost mechanisms to create, refine, modify, or crosswalk bibliographic data for use in digital repositories. Catalogers have the skills to serve this need. In this tutorial, we identify existing software tools for catalogers working on metadata management tasks. We also present examples of effectively using and combining these tools into workflows.
In particular, we cover: OCLC Connection, MARCEdit, Excel, Access, Open Refine, Oxygen, etc. These tools permit catalogers to efficiently create and modify metadata for the institution’s needs, from Dublin Core for an institutional repository to MARCXML for HathiTrust.