Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Preliminary Analysis of Faculty Perception and Engagement with Open Access Institutional Repositories (OA IR)
Ahmet Meti Tmava, Miksa Shawne D.

Last modified: 2017-03-22


The digital library environment provides scholars with access to diverse and previously unavailable contents and formats. With the Open Access (OA) movement, we have seen a paradigm shift in the way scholarly and scientific contents are shared, accessed and used. A most recent search in the Directory of Open Access repositories shows that 85.4 percent of repositories around the world are Institutional Repositories (IR).

Considering the growing role of IRs in scholarly communications a thorough investigation of major stakeholders is required in order to better understand the underlying factors. Among different stakeholders, the most crucial are faculty members - who can make or break IRs. Faculty member at most research universities are considered to be the primary authors of research literature, as well as the main users. Studies have shown that faculty members tend to view IRs differently, depending on their age, rank, status, and academic field. This poster presents preliminary analysis of survey of faculty awareness and attitudes towards OA and IR. The survey data that show these differences in regard to faculty awareness of OA declarations, OA policy, and intent to deposit.  The findings of this research will hopefully help repository librarians to design and implement successful education and outreach programs, based on the identified faculty views and understanding of IRs.


open access, digital repositories, institutional repositories, scholarly communications