Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Almost Already Computational: An Update from the Library Collections as Data Effort
Sarah Potvin, Thomas Padilla, Laurie Allen, Stewart Varner, Hannah Frost, Elizabeth Russey Roke

Last modified: 2017-03-23


This poster will provide a update from the project team behind "Always Already Computational: Library Collections As Data,” a two-year inquiry funded by an IMLS National Forum Grant. The project fosters a strategic approach to developing, describing, providing access to, and encouraging reuse of archival and library collections that support computationally-driven research and teaching. It seeks to enhance traditional ways of interacting with collections in a digital space by treating them like data, primed for exploration via computational methods and tools.

In February/March 2017, a 2.5-day forum will bring together technologists, researchers, journalists, librarians, and archivists to develop pragmatic solutions salient to the challenges of producing computationally amenable collections. Subsequent workshops, to be held at professional conferences, will be dedicated to extending and refining these solutions, as well as to brainstorm ideas for new approaches, tools, and documentation.

Given the timing of TCDL, this poster will primarily report on findings and draft recommendations from the spring forum, and solicit feedback to help shape the project's approach over the next 1.5 years.


interfaces, library data, collection reuse