Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Scholarly Communication, Open Repositories, and You!
Edward Warga

Last modified: 2017-03-23


Open Access to scholarship is a main directive of scholarly communication and open repository programs at university libraries. This effort is buttressed by exposing faculty scholarship through linked open profiles and researcher ids and revealing the impact of this work through traditional and alternative metrics. While libraries build support services to aid institutional researchers in sharing their work, challenges persist including differing opinions of what open access actually means, staffing scholarly communication activities, and encouraging faculty and researchers to engagement with these activities and services provided by the library.


This birds of a feather session seeks to gather a diverse group of practitioners and interested persons to discuss the topic of collecting and exposing an institution's research and scholarship through open repositories and other scholarly communication activities. The group will address challenges, share experiences, work on strategies, and recommend methods and tools. A review of TCDL programs from the past five years shows 11 sessions related to this topic. Each year there a couple of sessions discussing faculty and student engagement, workflows, and case studies in this area. This session seeks to continue the discussion in an open, participatory format, so everyone who is interested can add to the conversation. The session moderator will create discussion prompts to focus conversation and encourage discussion and sharing from participants.


scholarly communication; open repositories; faculty engagement