Texas Digital Library Conference System, 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries

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Hydra: An Open Source Solution to build Digital Repositories
Mark Bussey

Last modified: 2017-04-07


Hydra is a community, a set of tools, and, increasingly, a collection of ready-to-run applications to help you build a digital repository for your institution.

This one day workshop will help you understand the features and capabilities common to Hydra-based repositories through hands-on experimentation with deposit and discovery functions on a cloud-based demon instance. You’ll learn about multiple routes to adopting Hydra at your institution including DIY build-it-yourself, implementing an existing solution package like Sufia, Hyku, or Avalon, and a series of soon-to-be-launched hosted options. You’ll also have time to ask questions about how Hydra’s vibrant community works to build solutions together and how governance works within the community and helps direct future direction for the software.

We’ll start with a hand-on demo of an Institutional Repository solution focused on making student and faculty scholarship discoverable and manageable. Following that we’ll look at live repositories focused making archival collections discoverable and accessible to a broad audience and a media-focused repository (Avalon) providing rich streaming media capabilities for video and audio resources. Once we’ve looked at some live solutions, we’ll discuss options for implementing or adopting Hydra at your institution including tools and strategies for migrating content from other sources. Based on attendee input, we’ll then dive deeper into some of the acronyms like PCDM (Portland Common Data Model - a framework to manage complex digital objects inter-operably using linked data), IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework - a set of standards to make images accessible and interoperable across repositories), and features like integrated workflow, and administrative sets. The workshop will be structured with plenty of time to ask questions and try things out (please bring a laptop and your favorite browser).

By the end of the workshop, you should have a good sense of whether or not Hydra might be a good fit for your needs along with a set of questions that can help guide your next steps toward implementing Hydra at your institution.


Hydra; institutional repositories