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The challenges of hybrid digital libraries: the Royal Society Journal Collection.
Louisiane Ferlier, Stephanie Routhier-Perry
Managing Digital Assets from Curation to Exhibition
William Welling, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, Simon Frazier, Douglas Hahn, Michael Bolton

24x7 Presentations

You Down With O.D.D.?: Collaborative Development of an On-Demand Digitization Program
Drew Krewer, Bethany Scott, J Fisher, Keith Komos
The DAME (Digital Asset Management Ecosystem): An Emerging Approach for Modular, Extensible Library Software
Jeremy Huff, James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jason Savell, William Welling, Simon Frazier, Ryan Laddusaw


Almost Already Computational: An Update from the Library Collections as Data Effort
Sarah Potvin, Thomas Padilla, Laurie Allen, Stewart Varner, Hannah Frost, Elizabeth Russey Roke

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Low cost metadata management: Tools and tips for catalogers
Lisa Furubotten, Joseph Olivarez, Eric Pennington, Anna J Dabrowski

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