Presentations and Authors

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Outside The Box: Building a Digital Curation Ecosystem for Preservation and Access
Andrew Weidner, Sean Watkins, Bethany Scott, Drew Krewer, Anne Washington, Matt Richardson, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson
Establishing a Land Surveying Digital Map Library: Review of Process and Technologies Created and Leveraged
Rick Smith, Cate Rudowsky, Ann Hodges
Sharing “Gabo” With the World: Building the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Online Archive
Jullianne Hughes Ballou, Megan Barnard, Abigail Adams, Daniela Lozano, Ryan Blake, Diana Diaz, Celia Shaheen
Developing the DPLA Texas Service Hub, v.2. Collaboration to build the next generation aggregator for Texas
Ryan J Steans, Kristi Park, Nicholas Woodward, Hannah Tarver, Judith Hiott, Martin Halbert
Digitizing for Accessibility: Building a Multimedia Disability History Archive That’s ADA Compliant
Krystal Schenk, Andrew Leverenz
Managing Digital Assets from Curation to Exhibition
William Welling, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, Simon Frazier, Douglas Hahn, Michael Bolton

24x7 Presentations

You Down With O.D.D.?: Collaborative Development of an On-Demand Digitization Program
Drew Krewer, Bethany Scott, J Fisher, Keith Komos
Preliminary Analysis of Faculty Perception and Engagement with Open Access Institutional Repositories (OA IR)
Ahmet Meti Tmava, Miksa Shawne D.
The Government Documents Digitization Initiative: Shepherding Resources from Shelf to Server
Ryan Laddusaw, Laura Sare, Sean Buckner
The DAME (Digital Asset Management Ecosystem): An Emerging Approach for Modular, Extensible Library Software
Jeremy Huff, James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jason Savell, William Welling, Simon Frazier, Ryan Laddusaw

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Introducing the Weaver Framework – The Technology Behind Vireo 4
Jeremy Huff, James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jason Savell, William Welling, Ryan Laddusaw, Doug Hahn
An Update on Development of the Vireo 4.x ETD Submission and Management System
James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, William Welling, Ryan Laddusaw, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton, Ryan Steans, Stephanie Larrison

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