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Outside The Box: Building a Digital Curation Ecosystem for Preservation and Access
Andrew Weidner, Sean Watkins, Bethany Scott, Drew Krewer, Anne Washington, Matt Richardson, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson
TDL as part of the Digital Preservation Landscape
Courtney Mumma
Linked Open Data & Digital Humanities
Elizabeth Grumbach, Spencer D. C. Keralis, Sarah Potvin
The challenges of hybrid digital libraries: the Royal Society Journal Collection.
Louisiane Ferlier, Stephanie Routhier-Perry
Establishing a Land Surveying Digital Map Library: Review of Process and Technologies Created and Leveraged
Rick Smith, Cate Rudowsky, Ann Hodges
Siloed No More: Collaborations Between Digital and Special Collections
Kara Long, Allison M. McCormack
Outreach Beyond the Basics: Finding Innovative Ways to Connect Users to Digital Collections Assets
Eric Ames
3Dhotbed: Harnessing 3D Technologies and Data to Teach the History of the Book
Marcia McIntosh, Courtney Jacobs, Kevin O'Sullivan
Sharing “Gabo” With the World: Building the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Online Archive
Jullianne Hughes Ballou, Megan Barnard, Abigail Adams, Daniela Lozano, Ryan Blake, Diana Diaz, Celia Shaheen
Developing the DPLA Texas Service Hub, v.2. Collaboration to build the next generation aggregator for Texas
Ryan J Steans, Kristi Park, Nicholas Woodward, Hannah Tarver, Judith Hiott, Martin Halbert
Digitizing for Accessibility: Building a Multimedia Disability History Archive That’s ADA Compliant
Krystal Schenk, Andrew Leverenz
Digital Preservation and Compliance-based Access for Privacy-sensitive Records
Unmil P. Karadkar, Nitin Verma, Lorraine Dong, Patricia Galloway, Victor Obaseki, King Davis
Creating Value of Digital Services: Helping Others Share Their Stories
Jonathan Michael Helmke
Managing Digital Assets from Curation to Exhibition
William Welling, James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, Simon Frazier, Douglas Hahn, Michael Bolton
Lessons Learned in Creating New Digital Library Interfaces
Mark E. Phillips, William Hicks
Developing a long-term and large scale project to digitize photographic negatives
Jeremy Moore, Megan North, Todd Peters

24x7 Presentations

Building It Small: Accessible Approaches to AV Digitization
Emily Vinson
Three Problems in Digital Libraries We Can Fix Now
Joy Marie Perrin
Preparing Research Data for Long-Term Preservation
Ashley Adair
The Truth of the Story Lies in the Details: Challenges of Providing Context in the Born Digital Materials of Writers
Abby Adams
Management of Digital Preservations in Gandhi Smriti Library of LBSNAA, India
Om Prakash Verma
Do more with less: Potential automated ETD cataloging with batch processing
Kelly A Garrett
You Down With O.D.D.?: Collaborative Development of an On-Demand Digitization Program
Drew Krewer, Bethany Scott, J Fisher, Keith Komos
The Dr. Hector P. Garcia Papers: Providing Access to Records of an Under-documented Population
Alston Brake Cobourn
Expanding Digital Reference to the Biology Field Lab
Erica R. Lopez
I Am Not a Photographer: One Librarian’s Journey Toward Understanding FADGI, Image Quality, and Digitization Best Practices
Shannon Nicole Willis
If You Build It, Will They/Should They Come? Implementing PlumX at Baylor University
Billie Peterson-Lugo
Preliminary Analysis of Faculty Perception and Engagement with Open Access Institutional Repositories (OA IR)
Ahmet Meti Tmava, Miksa Shawne D.
The Government Documents Digitization Initiative: Shepherding Resources from Shelf to Server
Ryan Laddusaw, Laura Sare, Sean Buckner
The DAME (Digital Asset Management Ecosystem): An Emerging Approach for Modular, Extensible Library Software
Jeremy Huff, James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jason Savell, William Welling, Simon Frazier, Ryan Laddusaw
Replicating Processes: Testing the Project Points System at UNT Digital Projects Lab
Marcia McIntosh, Shannon Willis
Out-of-the-Box, In-a-Box, or Outside the Box? Lessons from an Environmental Scan of Digital Library Systems
Dawn Childress, Peter Broadwell


Opening Image-based Collections with IIIF
Ben W. Brumfield, Elizabeth M. Gushee, Benjamin Albritton
Mulling Over Multilingual Metadata: Making the Case for Ethical Compromise
Jullianne Hughes Ballou, Theresa Polk, Melanie Cofield, Susan Smythe Kung


SHARE: A free, open, data set about research and scholarly activities across their life cycle
Ashley Adair, Theresa Polk
Measuring Repository Use at Texas A&M University
Anna J Dabrowski
Approaches developed to ensure accuracy and consistency of metadata for TRAIL reports
Craig Rosenbeck
Designing and implementing a digitization workflow for post-custodial initiatives at the Benson Latin American Collection, UT Austin
David A Bliss
Beyond the Classroom: The Advantages of Open Educational Resources and Digital Collections in University Instruction and Research
Jessica C. Neal
Best Practices for Driving Adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER)
Ashley J Morrison
Almost Already Computational: An Update from the Library Collections as Data Effort
Sarah Potvin, Thomas Padilla, Laurie Allen, Stewart Varner, Hannah Frost, Elizabeth Russey Roke
The Board of Regents Reports and Minutes digitization case study: how we did it faster, cheaper, and better
Jeremy Moore, Megan North, Todd Peters, Erin Mazzei
UNT Libraries ETD Citation Analysis Project
Pamela Andrews
Scholars@TAMU, an Integrated Research Information Management System, as Sociotechnical System: Contextualized Use Cases for Different Disciplinary Communities
Bruce Herbert, Tina Budzise-Weaver, Sheila Green, Arwen Meador
Developing Online Exhibits Using Spotlight
Michael W. Bolton, Kevin M. O-Sullivan
Performing Arts Research and Linked Digital Artifacts
John Egenes

Workshops, Tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Dataverse and the Texas Data Repository Workshop
Santi Thompson, Kristi Park, Courtney Mumma
Low cost metadata management: Tools and tips for catalogers
Lisa Furubotten, Joseph Olivarez, Eric Pennington, Anna J Dabrowski
Introducing the Weaver Framework – The Technology Behind Vireo 4
Jeremy Huff, James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jason Savell, William Welling, Ryan Laddusaw, Doug Hahn
An Update on Development of the Vireo 4.x ETD Submission and Management System
James Creel, Jeremy Huff, Jason Savell, William Welling, Ryan Laddusaw, Doug Hahn, Michael Bolton, Ryan Steans, Stephanie Larrison
Scholarly Communication, Open Repositories, and You!
Edward Warga
Cost-Modeling for Digital Preservation
Jessica Meyerson, Aaron Choate, Mark Phillips
Hydra: An Open Source Solution to build Digital Repositories
Mark Bussey
Tableau Workshop
Cassidy Macias

Group Meeting

Texas Archivematica Users Group Meeting
Drew Krewer
Vireo Users Group Meeting
Stephanie Larrison
South Central States Fedora Users Group
Anne Washington
Texas Data Repository (TDR) Steering Committee Meeting
Courtney Mumma
DSpace Education Working Group Meeting
Laura McElfresh, Nerissa Lindsey, Susan Elkins, Faedra Wills, Colleen Lyon

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